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'Vampire Facial'


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Collagen production decreases 1% per year, starting at age 18. A woman's skin decreases in thickness by 7% every ten years. This thickness, and 'plump' is created by collagen.

Revolutionary 'Liquid Gold' injectable treatments, already used extensively in sports medicine and hair regrowth treatments, allow a patient to regenerate their own collagen production, rejuvenating their skin's thickness, texture and elasticity entirely naturally using their very own biological products.

What exactly is injected into me? How does the appointment work? Is there down time? Find all your Vampire Facial and Liquid Gold answers by contacting us on 04 35 25 FACE.

Note - The TGA introduced legislation in July 2018 banning the advertising of 'Liquid Gold Facial' treatments using words like 'plasma', 'blood', 'platelets' - so for clarification on our Liquid Gold Vampire Facial Treatment, please contact us directly!
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